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Lionel Mira Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.2
SwiftKit is the updated version of what is known as SwiftSwitch. This is an essential tool for all RuneScape players because it gathers and brings together all RuneScape related resources.
This makes of playing RuneScape a whole new and different experience, since it gets easier and players can spend more time playing instead of "working" in related activities.
Think of SwiftKit as an Internet browser but instead of being useful to surf the net, this browser will help you out in all RuneScape gaming and related activities. Thanks to its specific design, you as RuneScape player will notice that this browser brings everything you need in the right moment, greatly improving your playing experience. You will be just one click away from all the needed resources, either knowledge and promotional, and popular websites related to the game. It isn't neccesary to mention that you won't be able to brake any RuneScape rule by using SwiftKit, so you can be use it safe.
There are a couple of prerequisites you need to meet in your system in order to be able to run RuneScape using SwiftKit. These are the following:
1. Microsoft Java Virtual Machine.
2. Visual Basic Runtime files.
If your system lacks any of these prerequisites you’ll be prompted to download them upon SwiftKit installation or upon RuneScape first login.
You will get assistance from SwiftKit, no matter which task you are working on in RuneScape, whether your task is following a clue scroll, leveling up your favorite skill, or doing a quest. Even more, SwiftKit will be able to help you out planning the next task with its planning utilities (Quest Planner, Calculators and Highscore tools).
Let’s give a list of SwiftKit features for you to be able to compare it with other similar platforms:
• Skill Calculators
• Player Stats lookup
• Highscore Tools
• Progress Calculator
• Fully Integrated IRC Client
• Screenshot Taker, Viewer and Uploader
• Quest Center
• Events Hub
• Atlas
• Treasure Locator
• Server Status
• Armory
• Notepads
• Mp3 Player
• Online Radio
• Item, Price, Clan and Monster Databases
• World Clock Timers and Counters
• To Do List
• Direct Links to many RuneScape guides
• Monster Drop Logger
• Username Availability Checker
• SwiftBrowse as lightweight WebBrowser
Due to a security issue in Internet Explorer versions 5-8, thousands of hackers are in the process of trying to steal passwords for internet games, including Runescape. It's strongly advised that you switch your browser immediately. While Mozilla Firefox is recommended, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Opera (anything but Internet Explorer) will suffice.


  • It's free.
  • It offers plenty of help and resources.
  • It gathers all RuneScape resources in one single application.


  • It's available in English only.
  • It shows advertisements while playing the game.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
trusted DOWNLOAD 3.4 MB

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    Guest 7 years ago

    because i use it everyday and it's very handy for playing runescape


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